Early distressed Indigo-dyed Robe


This beautifully distressed indigo dyed robe could date as early as mid 19th century. The ground fabric has an irregular weft creating a slight pinstripe pattern. All of the embroidery is a combination of white or indigo dyed silk threads on the body of the garment. The embroideries are primarily satin stitch but there is some knot work as well. The garment must’ve been well loved in order to be kept even in this distressed state without being used to patch something else. Different embroideries on the garment have dissolved and disappeared at different rates giving an unusual, almost ethereal appearance. The cream coloured silk lining has some discolouration distress as well. The silk on the cuffs is quite worn and broken in several spots. The remaining embroidery on the cuffs is quite faded, and is the only embroidery not done entirely in indigo on the garment. An unusual piece.