One of the best curated stores in Toronto. Gadabout is the old curiosity shop only better! It’s filled with items from the late 1800s through the late 1970s. Curios, nostalgia, ephemera – oodles of paper, incredible vintage posters, tons of fabulous vintage clothing and accessories for men and women. Amazing textiles. It is a well-known haunt for wardrobe, prop and set decorators for film and theatre production. Gadabout does not carry furniture. If it’s small, cool, enigmatic, it’s probably in the store. The store contains a myriad of drawers all labeled and organized with items ranging from spats and opera glasses to slide rulers and office supplies. There’s even a whole area of vintage housewares.

Gadabout is not a consignment shop.

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Not another chick store!

The manly man corner is dedicated to guy stuff. This special corner is a basement or garage hound’s paradise packed with odd machines that go beep (or not), more than 300 decks of playing cards, billiard balls, tin cans, pen knives, fishing gear, swords, boy scout paraphernalia, sport cards, postcards, old books, lighters, watches, compasses, military patches. Okay so you get the drift. Visit often, there are new arrivals weekly.