World War 2 Two Letters Home


Both of these letters have been stored in the one envelope.
The first letter is complete and talks of news from home and the inconsistencies of getting mail- none for months at a time and then seven letters all at once. He also mentions a mate that was wounded. He’s also asking about news of his brother Gerald who is at the front. This letter is dated March 17, 1945
The second letter in the envelope is missing it’s first page. It also talks of news from home, and also death of friends. Since it is missing its first page, it is not dated, although he speaks of Christmas shopping in the letter. This may have been the letter that was originally in accompanying envelope. The envelope is marked Field Post Office 213 posted January 6, 1945. It’s also stamped “from HMC ship Examined by DB/N860.”
The HMCS New Waterford was one of the ships that guarded convoys back and forth across the Atlantic. He makes a comment in the letter that if he had a dollar for every mile that they had traveled , he’d have about $50,000.