The Chatelaine

Gadabout’s collection includes a wide variety of unique items, many seen only in World-class museums.

Gadabout has recently acquired a museum quality Chatelaine, something rarely seen outside of Bridgerton. Below, check out the images of our Chatelaine and read more about its use in Victorian Times.

  • Antique chatelaine toronto vintage

As described by Hunter Oatman-Stanford in Collectors Weekly a chatelaine was the iPhone of the 1800s. “Like a customized Swiss Army knife, a chatelaine provided its wearer with exactly the tools she needed closest at hand. For an avid seamstress, that might include a needle case, thimble, and tape measure, while for an active nurse it might mean a thermometer and safety pins. Inspired by the complex key rings carried by “la chatelaine,” the female head of a grand French estate, these beautiful, little contraptions were as fashionable as they were practical. In fact, their design was sometimes so trendy that style trumped usefulness.”