Tasseled Reverse Appliqué Quilt


This cotton reverse appliqué quilt has an added one inch fringe made of gold coloured beads and small wool tassels. The individual squares are not quite square, giving the piece it’s slightly parallelogram shape. The reverse appliqué squares have been hand quilted to the backing fabric. Some of the stitching on the surface between the squares is starting to give away. There is a small doodle that could be in marker or paint on one of the squares. In one corner there is additional stitching which could be a signature (see last photo).

Origin unknown, possibly ‘Rilli’ or ‘Ralli’ (Sindhi: رلّي) the traditional bedspreads and quilts handmade by women from remote villages of Sindh (Pakistan), mid 20th century.  Special rillis made for weddings or gifts often have a variety of embellishments including mirrors, tassels, shells and embroidery.

Approximate size 57“ x 84“.