Vintage Japanese Mens Haori and Hakama


This outfit is comprised of:

Indigo dyed coarse cotton jacket. Sleeve openings, bottom of the coat and the vent in the back are all edged with indigo dyed silk embroidery. There is some wear to the light blue silk edging. There are two appliquéd embroideries on the back of the jacket. Both appear to be white silk with additional surface embroidery in silk. There are two bands centre chest on the coat that would hold it closed with a button. There’s a simple design in a white silk cord sewn on the front lapel of the jacket. There is one small tear near the top of the coat on the collar.

Indigo dyed chest piece with appliquéd designs. Item has been edged with an indigo dyed silk thread. The back of the item is possibly ramie or another of the Japanese bast fibers. It has two interior pockets with an indigo died cotton separator between them.It is approximately 10 and three-quarter inches wide and 21 3/4 inches long.The appliqués appear to be white silk edged and embroidered with a light blue silk cord. Two additional cords at the top of the piece appear to be woven paper. The cords on the side end in a soft cotton filled ball.

Both pockets are full width of the garment available except for the embroidered edge- approximately 10 1/2 inches. One pocket is six and three-quarter inches deep the other is 5 1/2.

Traditional lightweight Japanese legged pants. Indigo dyed cotton. Both front and back ties intact. There’s some very light fading both from age and where. Minor staining