Summer Weight Japanese Obi


This beautiful summer weight Japanese obi is decorated on both sides. One side is a beautiful sky blue with morning glories and leaves with a gold and silver net superimposed on top of it. This design is repeated four times on this side;  final print does not have the net over top of it.

The patterns on both sides appear to be a combination of stencils and hand painting to finish the design. Within the morning glory pattern there is some satin stitching on top of the flowers to enhance the color. On the reverse side is a delightful floral in soft purples, grey and black on the cream coloured base fabric. There are stencilled crickets on top of some of the leaves. As on the other side there is some satin stitching highlighting leaves. The satin stitching colours are from a soft white to dark grey and a couched silver thread.

Approximate width is 12″ approximate length 152 “.