Large Central Asian Embroidered Textile


This dynamically coloured heavy wool textile was potentially made to be a floor covering. There is an underlying very loose weave in a burgundy brown colour, that has chain stitches of wool, that were either knitted or crocheted, attached to the top to create the patterns. Most of these are abstract florals and other designs from nature, except for three little birds that are quite recognizable. The piece has been made in two sections that have been joined with a centre seam. There is very slight damage to the centre seam at one end, where it has started to separate. Velcro has been added to the back of the piece by a previous owner, to hang it in a landscape orientation.

Approximate size 64“ x 102“ with an additional 2 inch irregular braided fringe at each end.

*The dies used on the underlying wool are very intense and may cause dye transfer.