Blue Silk Satin Embroidered Robe


This blue silk satin robe is probably from the early to mid 20th century. The embroideries have been done separately and appliquéd onto the garment. They are blossoms and flowers and one larger piece that is possibly a tree peony with native orchids attached to it. The tinier embroidery bands around the collar and on the cuffs are most likely from an earlier garment. The butterfly motif on the cuffs that is in indigo tones is a tapestry woven ribbon. On the right cuff it has suffered damage. The front closure is edged only in the black silk ribbon while the hem and side seams replicate the designs on the collar and cuffs, including the blue, white, black and gold accent ribbon. The appliqué embroideries are couched in metallic thread. The bands on the collar and cuffs are primarily satin stitch, but also have some couched metallic thread as accents.

Condition:  There is some damage and wear to both cuffs, and some surface staining on the front of the garment.