Antique Gold Embroidered Skirt


Gold and black Chinese skirt made from sewing embroidered panels together. Black ribbon sewn on top of them is to help reinforce the panels. The two large pieces for front and back are intricately embroidered with peonies and other flowers in satin stitch, knot work with some couched thread for highlights. A very basic channel has been created at the top of the piece for a waistband with a cord running through it to cinch it together. The gold coloured base fabric is in a brocade style except the pattern appears to be a series of tiny holes as opposed to another thread.

Condition: There are some minor holes and repairs to the piece. There are also a number of pleats that have been tacked into place near the waistband. There is some minor pulling on the satin stitched threads. There is considerable colour shift from washing from the black ribbon.