Antique Central Asian Embroidered Dress


This heavy weight silk fabric dress is from central Asia. There are gore-style inset panels starting at the hip and going to the hem of the garment. These panels are heavily embroidered silk with both metallic couched thread and silk embroidery. They are backed by a light weight cotton on the underside. There is some simple cross stitch style embroidery on the back of the garment near the hem. The front of the garment has an elaborately embroidered and embellished panel at the neck. The sleeves have inserts on the top which, like the panels on the sides of the garment, are reinforced with cotton underneath.There is some staining to the black garment itself. The silk on the embroidered panels is partly shattered but that is due to the age of the fabric. There are a couple of areas where the couched thread has started to unraveled. Overall this garment is a beautiful example of Central Asian embroidery from the first half of the 20th century.