The Indian Tribes of North America by Swanton 1952


First edition of this title with the date 1952 in gilt on the foot of the spine cover and with 1952 on the title page. The interior is stamped ‘Legislative Library Discarded’.

Olive-green cloth covers and with the gilt lettering on the spine. The interior text is all in fine condition with no markings or damage to be seen and with the four large fold-out maps – – pristine plus one single-page map.

It covers all groupings such as nations, confederations, tribes, sub tribes, clans, and bands. Presented as a dictionary, or gazetteer, and organized by state, it includes all known tribal groupings within the state and the many villages where they were located. The text includes such facts as the origin of the tribal name and a brief list of the more important synonyms; the linguistic connections of the tribe; its location; a brief sketch of its history; its population at different periods; and the extent to which its name has been perpetuated geographically.  The text proceeds to give expanded description and historic context to this subject. 726 pages.

6.0 x 9.25 inch