Nouveau recueil des édits et déclarations, arrêts et règlemens du Conseil 1752


New collection of edicts and declarations, decrees and regulations of the Council, rendered on the subject of people of the religion allegedly reformed. Grenoble, André Faure, 1752.  Blond leather scuffed and marked, ornate ribbed spine, all reddened edges and marbleized paper frontspiece.   Skin scratches, blunt corners.

Published in Grenoble  by André Faure 1752 – – Hardcover, full leather – 7.5″ x x 10″ h

Numbered pages 1 to 401 plus un-numbered intro and extro.

Condition: Good (very good, considering the age Binding and inside very good, missing small parts of coverage see photos)

Collection of edicts, declarations and arrests of the council:
rendered concerning people of the supposedly reformed religion.