Album de Modèles de Mécanique et D’Électricité circa 1900 Paris


Completey written in French. ‎Album of mechanical and electrical models – all plates have fold out and/or movable parts.‎
‎Paris: E. Bernard Editeur, Album 14″ x 9 3/4″ oblong, a compilation of 7 models of mechanical and electrical machines, each accompanied by a text with illustrations in the text and a model in coloured cardboard with cutaways and movable parts : Otto gas engine (12 pages), The steam engine (20 pages, without title page), The locomotive (24 pages), The dynamo (30 pages), The accumulator (26 pages without preface page), Three-phase current motor (12 pages), Arc lamps and electricity meters (16 pages). All models are complete in used condition with minor bends. Hardcover edition, silver title and 3 models of machines in black on the front cover, scratches and wear.‎ Foxing. Cover loose but still partially attached