WW1 Soldier’s Letters Home


Set of four letters with covers from an American soldier during World War I. Letters dated November 12, 1917, December 3, 1917, January 1918 and April 1918. The first and third letters have been redacted. The first letter with items cut from it, the third litter with items blued out with a marker.

All of the covers have a “Passed by Censor “stamp on them. The last letter with the heading “Somewhere in France” means that he was on active duty at the front. It is the last letter in this group and possibly the last letter from this soldier.

By the time of the last letter, the soldier is not a good place, and we would now diagnose him as having PTSD. The four letters combined show an interesting and personal look at the soldiers life during World War I. Sold only as a set.