1829 Autograph Book signed by Louis Philippe Paris


1829 Souvenir autograph book purchased in Paris, France. It has over 20 pages of notes and writing including an autograph of King Louis Philippe. There’s a portion of a newspaper at the back from 1845. There are three illustrations, but also ghosting of images that are no longer in the album. The first entry is dated 1829. Size: 8 1/2 inches wide 5 1/2 inches tall

Louis Philippe of France. Known as the “Citizen King” for his menial habits and public visibility, Louis Philippe (1773-1850) was a direct descendent of Philippe d’ Orleans (1640-1701), the youngest son of King Louis XIII (1601-1643). Being far removed from the crown, he was raised more harshly than a well-to-do commoner. Louis was 57 years old when liberals and political allies opposed to Charles brought him to power as a revolutionary monarch through a political coup.


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