Embroidered Peasant dress


Black satin dress with elaborately embroidered yolk and embellishments. The body of the dress appears to be older than the embroidery on the yolk. The embroidery and mirror work on the front yoke have been created separately and then attached to the garment. It is a combination of embroidery and mirror work with additional beads and sequins. The circular metal discs are attached to the dress via a series of three beads on each one. They are on a reinforced cord that runs underneath the garment. Central Asian in origin, the embroidery and embellishments are indicative of the Sindh people. There is some staining on the sleeves of the dress. The zipper has possibly been replaced as there is some repair work at both ends of the zipper. There are a number of the metallic discs that are missing. The band of metallic like ribbon sewn on the cuffs and hem of the dress appears to be sewn by machine. There are some small areas of repair on the skirt.