Simple Travel Writing Desk


This very simple style writing desk has a beautiful patina. The only additional decoration is the diamond around the keyhole and the brass plate on the top to be engraved. When open, the writing space is 10 3/4” inches by 13 1/2”. The centre of the writing surface is covered in a green cotton velvet. There is a small clip to keep the top half of the writing surface closed. It covers a storage area that is approximately 10 3/4” by 6 3/4”. The bottom section of the writing surface also opens to show another storage compartment. This one is approximately 5“ x 10 3/4”. There’s box for your pens and nibs but the lid is missing. The space is 1 1/2” by 8 3/4” and 1 3/4” deep. There is an ink bottle in the provided cubicle. Locking mechanism appears to be working, but there is no key. There’s some slight damage or distress to the edges of the box but that would be common with age. There is a crack in the bottom that is covered by the added felt.

Approximate size closed 11 3/4”long by 8” deep by 4 1/2” high. A very handsome piece for its condition.