Antique Travel Writing Lapdesk With Marquetry Inlay


This travel writing desk unfolds to create a writing surface approximately 10 1/2” wide by 11” long, in two 5 1/2” sections. Just above the writing area is a small lidded section approximately 1 3/4” by 6 1/2” where you could store your pens and nibs. To either side of it are two small openings where you could put your ink bottles, each approximately 1 3/4” square. The top section of the writing surface lifts up to reveal a storage area for your paper. The inside lid of the desk is decorated with a ruched silk edged with a gold stamped leather that matches the lower section of the writing surface. Not all of the hardware is original. There is some cracking on the surface of the box, and some of the marquetry work would need to be repaired.The keyhole is also been replaced with a newer piece. The bottom of the travel desk is covered in a dark green felt. The overall dimensions of the piece are approximately 12” wide, by 8 3/4” deep, by
5 3/4” high. A lovely piece.