Antique Travel Writing Desk


This large travel writing desk has been beautifully fitted with brass inlay and collapsible handles. It opens flat to display a leather writing surface that is approximately 15” by 13 1/2” with a tooled and gilt edge inside a wooden frame.
The upper section has two sliders that would hold the piece in place. On one side the wood that would accommodate the slider has been damaged and on the other one the sliding brass is missing. The upper storage area is approximately 14 1/2” by 8 1/2“ , with a depth at the shallow end of approximately 1”. The storage area under the bottom section is a similar size of 8 1/2” by 14 1/2” inches, that narrows to 6” to accommodate the spaces for the ink wells and pens. Along the front of the box are two 1 3/4” cubes for ink bottles, an angled box for your stamps, and another lidded section for your pens and nibs. Condition – The lid of the box is warped. There’s a small hairline crack in the surface of the box and a much larger crack in the bottom. The slides to hold the top writing service in place would need to be replaced. The leather writing surface has had a makeshift repair. Part of the lock mechanism is missing. There are a number of places on the upper edge where the wood has been damaged and the brass inlay is gone.