Antique Parsons Pipe


Don’t let smoke get in your eyes ! These extremely long stemmed pipes were often called Parson’s pipes or reading pipes. The long stem enabled you to smoke without the smoke rolling up into your face – hence you could read your sermon while you smoked without squinting. The other advantage of the extremely long stem is that the smoke would cool from the time it got from the bowl of the pipe to your mouth , so it made for cooler smoke.
Briarwood bowl with maker’s mark stamped metal fittings. Stem appears to be polished bone, and the mouth piece could be amber.

Sterling Hallmarks: the lower case a in a special shield, the leopard’s head, and the lion passant (sterling mark) are those for London in 1896-97.  “EB/ WB” may be the retailer or the silversmith which had the silver mounts for the pipe hallmarked.     They may also be the company that assembled and retailed the pipe.

Condition: The stem has a hairline crack running down the back of it.

Size:  From the base of the pipe bowl to the mouthpiece is approximately 17 1/2 inches.