Alice’s Button Box


This travel desk has had the interior writing surfaces removed to become a storage box. They could easily be replaced. The combined writing surface would be approximately 11 7/8” by 15”. The storage area that would be under the top is 11 5/8” wide by 7 7/8” long. The space in the bottom is also 11 5/8” wide and up to 7 7/8” long under the ink bottles, but 5 5/8” through most of its depth. There are two ink bottles that fit the depressions, that have clear marbles standing in for lids. There is a space approximately 1 3/4” wide and 8” long where you could store your pens and nibs. The tray that would fit in the space is missing. Approximate size of the box when closed is 13” by 9” and 5 1/4” high. The word “BUTTONS” has been carved into the surface of the box and there’s a small metal plate with the name Alice engraved on it. There’s one large crack in the top of the box and one to the bottom as well.