Hand Painted Silk Bag


This exquisite silk bag is decorated with hand painted cranes flying over water. On the front of the bag there are seven cranes, on the back three. The crane’s tails and legs appear to be painted in ink, while the birds body and head were painted in a medium similar to gouache. Details to suggest the feathers of the wings were added on top of the gouache with ink. On the front of the bag near the bottom there is a very delicate series of ink brushstrokes to represent waves in a silvery light grey. It is beautifully lined in the light weight white silk. There is one small area in the lining where the thread has come undone. On the outside there’s a small area on the seam where the pink silk has started to wear. In the body of the birds there is some cracking and flaking to the white paint that adds additional character to the delicate painting. This western style bag could date from the early 20th century in Japan.

Size: It is approximately 6 inches wide and 7 inches deep below the drawstring closure.