Jeanne Beker’s Top 100 Shops: Gadabout

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Gadabout is a kind of exotic, flea market adventure. If you want to spend four hours wandering through stuff, everything from old books to cameras and gadgety things to actual fashion stuff, like vintage bathing suits, top hats, purses, crazy little evening bags and lots of jewellery, then this is your place. They have these big chests that have these tiny, tiny drawers. One says "gloves," and the others might say "collars" or "lapel pins." Inside each one is like a whole little world. It’s such a magical place where nobody pressures you to buy stuff and nobody’s breathing down your neck. It’s delightful and so rich. Penelope Cruz has shopped there. I go with my daughters sometimes on Saturday afternoon and look at stuff, and inevitably, we end up buying a few things. One of my daughters got an incredible old tux jacket with tails, and the other daughter bought a pair of old vintage spectacles and made them into wearable glasses with new lenses. The wonderful woman who owns it, Victoria, basically says, "This is my world, welcome to it, dig in, have fun."

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