Edwardian Bed Coat

Edwardian Bed Coat

This is an Edwardian bed coat. Worn in the earlier hours of the day, elegant enough to be social in, this piece is an excellent example of Edwardian high fashion standards. The coat has a very high neckline trimmed in black lace. Beneath that, is a red underlay, which, circles the neckline to the inner edge of the shoulders and to above the bust line. This red underlay is covered with black floral lace. The rest of the coat is black and dark green wool. The base colour is dark green and a black zig zag pattern runs on top of it. There is a layer of this fabric, like a mini capelet, which, covers the shoulders and most of the bust. The mini capelet has exaggerated shoulders like epaulets and is trimmed in black lace. The coat’s bodice has lots of flat pleating down the front bringing the waistline in and creating a full skirt on the coat. The sleeves are long and full and are trimmed in a long cuff of black lace in two tiers. The coat does up with hook & eye clasps at the back. The bodice is lined in a cotton/linen blend. The inside trim of the coat is lined in black velvet.

Label: None

Fabric: Wool, trimmed in lace

Condition: Pre-loved. This bed coat is in excellent condition. Besides the lace at the neckline which, has worn away and is easily replaceable, there are a few minor snags and one place that has been repaired on the body of the coat. Due to the fabric and the pattern, these flaws are not noticeable unless pointed out. A previous owner made very good repairs to the inside of the coat to prevent further deterioration of any snags. This is obvious from a few tiny patches on the inside.

Measurements: 38" bust, 32" waist, hips full, sleeves 23" from shoulder to edge of black lace trim.