Chacock Dress

Chacock Dress

This is a fantastic 1970’s party dress. Made out of a great silk crepe with a wild pattern of black and turquoise spots and large purple and coral roses on a light teal background with gold rope trim, this dress stands out. The neckline is a crew neck trimmed in gold rope below which, there is a flat band of the fabric for approximately 4-5 inches that is then again trimmed in the gold rope in an undulating line. This flat fabric wraps around the neckline of the dress and over across the shoulders like little epaulets. From below the undulating gold rope trim downwards, the dress is completely pleated in tiny accordion pleats. The only break from the pleating is at the elasticized waist and again at the cuffs which, are flat and also trimmed in gold rope at both the top and bottom edges. The sleeves are full length and peasant style though still pleated. There is an accompanying  belt made from turquoise, red, gold and white skinny roping that is knotted every 10 inches or so.

Label: Chacok (France)

Fabric: Silk crepe

Condition: Near-mint. There is some minor discolouration at the neckline in the front. Besides that, the dress is in mint condition.

Measurements: bust 30"-40" (due to accordion pleating), 23" sleeves, 28" elasticized waist (at tightest), hips full.